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Friday, March 20, 2009

I just found out what O.P.P means...

Pretty much just having a quiet nite baking cookies, in sweats, watching VH-1 run thru the 100 Hottest songs of the 90's. Thinking, this would be the perfect night to sit around eating cookie dough with friends, watching this crap and reminiscing. And I kno each and everyone would find the fact that I didn't kno what O.P.P meant until 15 minutes ago, Hilarious...
Screw me, i never thought to look it up...Never was a Big NbyN fan...sorry. Lol but think that yea, i can really dig the song...Now I kno.

Otherwise, as I'm watching this the cookies that I made are awesome!!!
basic chocolate cookie recipe off the top of my head, 2nd time making them today and they came out great. I may have to sell these. And sadly, my family will have to fend for themselves tonight for dinner. I only made rice pilaf and the cookies...But I'm sure they won't starve to death in one night.