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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mehomminah higgenboggle is a word

Don't ask me what language it is. I think its full-of-good-food-half-sleep talk...
I made Autumn compote salmon, lemon parmesean potato salad, asparagus and mushroom/cheese stuffed rolls for dinner tonight. The first sit down meal I've had with my family in a while and we really enjoyed it. It's been a while since someone actually fell asleep at the table. I guess it was just too much food for my aunt, who had just eaten a few hours earlier, and she just kinda dozed off in the middle of the conversation. I glanced at my mom and asked "what in the heck did she just say???" 10minutes of laughter followed.
When we finally calmed down, she said, it was one of those "Mehomminah higgenboggle" moments. My mom said something similar one day after work when she was stupidly tired...My sister and I were the only ones to witness the moment, but still, HILARIOUS.
I think its a good thing when people get soo sleepy from your food they can't talk straight...
Wonder what I'll make tomorrow? i dont kno, i may go out...It should be a long week off, may get my check tomorrow.
We shall see...

Friday, April 10, 2009

One thing I've discovered I love more than anything: Myself.
Right behind that is to have myself be obeyed...I kno the age old adages: "If you wanna control something, sleep with ur remote." and " If you want to be obeyed, get a dog." And right now, Myself, my life revolves around Me, Music, and Food...
Where am I going with this?
My 3 favorite songs of the week, My new job has put me (a pyromaniac) on the grill; which means I'm also calling tickets, sending out food, and telling the "suits" what to send. Yea, its a rush. I was even told I can have specials run on the menu by the end of next week. {SKEET} I'm thinking of something simple, comforting, and homey.

My first immediate thought was something with sweet potatoes. Maybe a braised steak with rum raisin sauce sweet potatoes and lemon asparagus...then I was thinking about an individual Shepard's pie with chicken (or red meat) and topped with bleu cheese mashed potatoes. Cooked to order. Then I went to my Parmesean crusted fish (crab cakes) with Bleu Cheese and honey potato salad, served on a bed of shredded green leaf. I have sooo many ideas that its starting to scare me.

I need to calm down, take it one day at at time. I kno its a Siren song right now. They are telling me everything I want to hear so I will have even less of a life outside of this place that I do now. My mom already told me not to do a true signature dish in case they just steal it and have it run all over the country. It makes sence. I'll do something simple. Probably not my potato salad...for surely...I'll come up with something soon...I have no choice. Lol

Next thought: 3 songs constantly running thru my head in the last week:
Kanye West: Can't tell me nothin'
Kelis: Milkshake
City High: Caramel

(Punch Drunk Love by Common was a close runner, but its not really significant in this blog)

"You can say I'm Plain Jane but its not the same/ I'm not into big names and like nice things/ I watch boxing matches and football games/ Wouldn't mind being an actress but I love to sing/ I like going out, taking walks and stuff/I don't run with many girls cause they talk to much/ I enjoy quiet nights at home......." - Caramel

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard/ and their like, its better than yours/ damn right its better than yours/ I could teach you/ but I'd have to charge..."-Milkshake

I've been calling myself Caramel Milkshake in my various statuses, over the net, obviously because of the songs. Caramel has always been one of my favorites, and I've noticed when I'm happy, people flock to me like gravity...And I don't care how i get what i want, the point is that i get it. (short of lying and stealing, or hurting someone) Someone did call it manipulation tho...Lol I dont think I'm manipulative. And where I work is called the Yard...So, yea, I'm the dark caramel milkshake princess of the yard...lol

How he move in a room full of "no"s/how he stay faithful in a room of hoes/must be the pharaohs he in tune with his soul/so when he buried in a tomb full of gold/treasure, whats yo pleasure/life is a uhh dependin how you dress her/so if the devil wear prada/ adam eve wear nada/ I'm in between but way more fresher/with way less effort/ cos when you try hard thats when you die hard/your homies lookin like why god?/ when they reminisce over u, my god.
La La La La wait till i get my money right/La la la la then you cant tell me nothing right/Excuse me is you sayin something/uh huh you can't tell me nothing/you can't tell me nothing/uh uh you can't tell me nothing-Kanye

Kanye annoys me, truly...but this song is swagga...I got my own style...In everything...And I;m feeling myself, and myself is feeling tired...so let me go to sleep, and just blast this song on my way in to work tomorrow, rock this food out and Chill!
<3 & Peace

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Caramel Milkshake has an Idea...Lol

Okay, I decided to start my blog the same week I get a new job... {Sigh}
Training is a itch-bay right now. Not complaining, I'm grateful in this economy to find a job in the field i love...But Blog-writing time has become very limited. I'm actually supposed to be asleep now, since i have to be to work in the A.m....But I have to share my idea...

Rather than join, yet another, social networking site I've decided to combine my two new faves: Shuttercal and facebook.
I'm sure you all have facebook, but Shuttercal is a new one that i just became aware of thru my mom: the photographer at heart. (Africansand on Shuttercal)

Basically, you take one picture per day and post it on your calender. its actually pretty wild stuff that people come up with and have to explain half the time....You can look at the underside of a mushroom and not figure out what it is until you read the caption.. (a favorite pastime of mine in photography)

But from my new job, I want to call my segments: "Behind the scenes at the Yard"
I kno not many people are aware of how much manicuring the baseball diamond actually gets in april when it rains so much. And as one of the hundreds of chefs working in a ballpark restaraunt, i see something everyday thats picture worthy... Its amazing, and the building has soo many nooks and crannies like a english muffin, some things would just look great in a photograph. Unfortunately, my camera died when i wanted to take a picture... :(
So, we'll try that again 2morrow, the lighting will be different but still...i wanna do it.

Now, i really MUST get to bed, i must be up at 6 to be there on time for fanfest...But what do you think of my idea??? Pretty awesome huh? LOL

How about being the Princess/ Caramel Milkshake of the Yard??? Lol...silly right?
I kno...its ok. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I just found out what O.P.P means...

Pretty much just having a quiet nite baking cookies, in sweats, watching VH-1 run thru the 100 Hottest songs of the 90's. Thinking, this would be the perfect night to sit around eating cookie dough with friends, watching this crap and reminiscing. And I kno each and everyone would find the fact that I didn't kno what O.P.P meant until 15 minutes ago, Hilarious...
Screw me, i never thought to look it up...Never was a Big NbyN fan...sorry. Lol but think that yea, i can really dig the song...Now I kno.

Otherwise, as I'm watching this the cookies that I made are awesome!!!
basic chocolate cookie recipe off the top of my head, 2nd time making them today and they came out great. I may have to sell these. And sadly, my family will have to fend for themselves tonight for dinner. I only made rice pilaf and the cookies...But I'm sure they won't starve to death in one night.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Popped the Blogger Cherry...

This is my very very first blogger blog. I have now popped my blogger cherry!
So, since you are here, you must want to kno something about me. Let me start by explaining the names I've chosen.
Chef Little Foot is an inside joke with my mom that comes from The Land Before Time (if you haven't seen it, watch it at least once and see if you don't burst into tears at some point).
The Baby Long Neck's name is: Little Foot.
And since I did go to culinary school and do have certification, I can be called Chef.
When I was in school tho, we got a kick out of calling everybody "Student" since we weren't certified yet...
The title I chose because...Food and love are the two things I feel the most passion for outside of my family and myself...hehehe!
So this is where I will write about different creations and flavor combinations that I come up with thru the days. Lately I've been on a roll of waking up every morning with inspiration on my mind...And at this moment...blank. Lol.
So, I will stop before I start to ramble. This will probably be the first and last blog that I write here with correct grammer and fully correct puncutation...Sorry, I'm into the text talk for my blogs. Its easier, and you all know what I'm talking about anyway. So be safe, have fun, live fairly.