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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mehomminah higgenboggle is a word

Don't ask me what language it is. I think its full-of-good-food-half-sleep talk...
I made Autumn compote salmon, lemon parmesean potato salad, asparagus and mushroom/cheese stuffed rolls for dinner tonight. The first sit down meal I've had with my family in a while and we really enjoyed it. It's been a while since someone actually fell asleep at the table. I guess it was just too much food for my aunt, who had just eaten a few hours earlier, and she just kinda dozed off in the middle of the conversation. I glanced at my mom and asked "what in the heck did she just say???" 10minutes of laughter followed.
When we finally calmed down, she said, it was one of those "Mehomminah higgenboggle" moments. My mom said something similar one day after work when she was stupidly tired...My sister and I were the only ones to witness the moment, but still, HILARIOUS.
I think its a good thing when people get soo sleepy from your food they can't talk straight...
Wonder what I'll make tomorrow? i dont kno, i may go out...It should be a long week off, may get my check tomorrow.
We shall see...