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Friday, April 3, 2009

The Caramel Milkshake has an Idea...Lol

Okay, I decided to start my blog the same week I get a new job... {Sigh}
Training is a itch-bay right now. Not complaining, I'm grateful in this economy to find a job in the field i love...But Blog-writing time has become very limited. I'm actually supposed to be asleep now, since i have to be to work in the A.m....But I have to share my idea...

Rather than join, yet another, social networking site I've decided to combine my two new faves: Shuttercal and facebook.
I'm sure you all have facebook, but Shuttercal is a new one that i just became aware of thru my mom: the photographer at heart. (Africansand on Shuttercal)

Basically, you take one picture per day and post it on your calender. its actually pretty wild stuff that people come up with and have to explain half the time....You can look at the underside of a mushroom and not figure out what it is until you read the caption.. (a favorite pastime of mine in photography)

But from my new job, I want to call my segments: "Behind the scenes at the Yard"
I kno not many people are aware of how much manicuring the baseball diamond actually gets in april when it rains so much. And as one of the hundreds of chefs working in a ballpark restaraunt, i see something everyday thats picture worthy... Its amazing, and the building has soo many nooks and crannies like a english muffin, some things would just look great in a photograph. Unfortunately, my camera died when i wanted to take a picture... :(
So, we'll try that again 2morrow, the lighting will be different but still...i wanna do it.

Now, i really MUST get to bed, i must be up at 6 to be there on time for fanfest...But what do you think of my idea??? Pretty awesome huh? LOL

How about being the Princess/ Caramel Milkshake of the Yard??? Lol...silly right?
I kno...its ok. :)